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The bott case system and bottBoxes organise small parts. This means that they are clearly arranged and always very handy within easy reach. The bottBox can be pulled out of the bott vario in-vehicle equipment shelf just like a drawer and can also be removed completely if required. The bottBoxes and bott case systems not only fit into the bott vario in-vehicle equipment, but also into the cubio working equipment and the avero workplace system. The bott tidiness systems enable you to be flexibly equipped and always have your tools and materials exactly where you need them.

Systainer - bott vario3

Position a hook

Lösung für Fahrzeugeinrichtung

Just like the bott case systems and bottBoxes, you can also use our perfo range in all bott product areas. perfo provides a uniform system with numerous different hooks and tool holders. The perfo perforated panels are particularly suitable for wall or workbench mounting. In addition, free-standing perfo racks and perfo mobile provide numerous possibilities for flexible positioning of tools and materials. The perfo hooks can also be used in the bott vario in-vehicle equipment.

Accessories for vehicle and operation



Stackable cases which fit perfectly into the bott in-vehicle and working equipment



The perfect addition for the storage of small parts in the vehicle and company

perfo perforated panels

perfo perforated panels

The perfo system brings order, tidiness and overview to the wall: in the vehicle and in operation

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perfo perforated panels

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