The compact delivery van

Small vehicles are particularly ideal in city traffic. The compact dimensions of minibuses or light commercial vehicles make them outstanding for driving around town, since they are manoeuvrable and need little space when parking up. Yet despite their compact design, small light commercial vehicles still offer a spacious cargo area and high safety. Suitable van racking is the key here. 

Light commercial vehicles permit generous loading and offer an adequate useful load for fast operations in the urban environment. Low consumption and sufficient loading volume turn small commercial vehicles, including panel vans, into versatile helpers. This means the conversion of such vehicles into a service vehicle is particularly suitable for tradesmen or customer services companies.

Since these compact light commercial vehicles are assigned to the category of commercial vehicles with up to 3.5 tonnes maximum permissible weight, they are considered passenger cars and may be driven by holders of a Class B driving licence. In addition, light commercial vehicles are environmentally friendly since their consumption is comparable to that of a passenger car.

Show true class

For contractors, light commercial vehicles are extremely attractive in terms of price and economy. Those who make the effort to compare different types of light commercial vehicles will quickly find a suitable solution. As the range of electric vehicles increases, light commercial vehicles with an electric drive are also being used more and more often. We offer the perfectly matching bott vario3 van racking for all popular models.

On request, we can extend your cargo area by a further level. Our under floor solution includes a false floor with drawers underneath. The contents are easy to access ergonomically from the outside. The load space panelling protects the interior of your vehicle and maintains its value long-term. Integrated lashing rails on the side walls provide generous possibilities for lashing your freight in place.

See our catalogue for the equipment solutions available for your vehicle.

We test bott vario3 van racking regularly in crash tests. So you can be sure that everything remains in place even in the event of an accident. Our van racking fulfils the relevant requirements for load restraint.

Our trained and certified experts assemble and fix our van racking to the bodywork of your light commercial vehicle. The centrifugal forces that occur during abrupt braking are distributed and absorbed perfectly. Everything remains in place and is still readily accessible even after an extreme load. Our van racking modules are made of aluminium with individual elements made of lightweight plastic. This ensures a very low net weight coupled with maximum strength.

Ask your local bott service partner about planning suitable equipment for your vehicle!

Buy or lease?

We design and plan your bott vario3 van racking precisely according to your requirements and wishes. This also includes a well thought-out and efficient installation process. We take care of all the steps to make procuring your van racking as easy as possible. No matter whether you are financing the van racking yourself or not, we accompany you during all the process steps.

Die Anschaffungskosten werden sich für Sie über die Nutzungsdauer der Fahrzeugeinrichtung bezahlt machen. Ob Sie sie lieber günstig leasen oder kaufen möchten, bleibt Ihnen überlassen. Wenn Sie Ihren Kleintransporter als Leasingfahrzeug nutzen, lässt sich die Fahrzeugeinrichtung in das Leasing mit einbinden. Wir kümmern uns gerne um die Abwicklung gemeinsam mit Ihrem Autohaus, so dass Sie einen möglichst geringen Aufwand damit haben.

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